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        Attendance Requirements at the IMI

  •  Requirements

The International Meditation Institute in the Himalayas is a place for advanced study and meditation. As a result, regular Satsang at the IMI is not open to casual visitors.

A period of at least two years' association with Shyam Space and study with a qualified Shyam Space teacher is required before coming to study at the IMI.

  •  Requests to Attend the IMI

Permission in advance is required in order to attend regular Satsangs at the Institute. Richard Taylor (Dikpal) handles all requests to attend Satsang at the IMI or to stay in the Shyam Community in the Himalayas. This applies both to first-time visitors and those planning to to return. Please write to him well in advance. Write to:

Richard Taylor (Dikpal)
International Meditation Institute
Kullu, H.P. 175 101