Swami Shyam
About Swami Shyam    

Swami Shyam has been inspiring and guiding his friends in awareness from all over the world for the last four decades. He has realized the essence, or truth, of life — the eternal, indivisible Onenes of the so-called individual and the manifest world. This sense of Oneness is the key that unlocks the bonds of doubt, scepticism, fear, confusion, and meaninglessness of existence, from which all persons, knowingly or unknowingly, are trying to be free.

The mantr Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum and Swamiji’s technique of meditation on the Knower have enabled all who have come in his contact to practise an effective formula for gaining access to the Fourth State, the enlightened state of consciousness, the supreme source of infinite potential that resides in every being. Swamiji has tapped into that source of life. His presence exemplifies the cool, serene, joyful, loving, and playful disposition of the sage. He is brilliant, energetic, creative, and spontaneous. His effusive sense of humour and deep insight into the issues of life relevant to every person are characteristic of the enlightened state, which brings about that same perception in all those who share in his presence and knowledge. Through his words, Swamiji reaches the heart and soul of the being; those who listen often experience that even their unvoiced questions and doubts have been answered, and that he knows them thoroughly. Swami Shyam is the ideal for all those who wish to live the highest standard of life with awareness, which is Satyam Shivam Sundaram — Truth, Blessedness, and Beauty.