Writings  -  Guru Poornima, July 24, 2002

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Guru Poornima

July 24, 2002


Today is Guru Poornima, and we are celebrating the tradition of the incarnated Consciousness as God in the Guru form. It is very, very rare among human beings to attain it, but however rare it is, we -- all the participants -- want to have it. Guru says only this, without any hesitation: 

Wherever you as human beings may be putting your hopes for achieving permanent happiness and satisfaction, know that in the state of division, happiness is not found. The sukh, Oneness, Swa, or Self, is realized only when you expand and purify your human intelligence and reach the stage of highest awareness, which speaks within your heart:  My true nature is undivided truth forever, indestructible, undying, and forever blissful. When you listen to yourself as That, you find and realize that it is your own voice. Then you are not somebody who is one with That. Rather, you and That are one reality, which is eternal happiness and joy and infinite prosperity. And that can be unfolded by devoting a few minutes' time as human beings to the infinite, immortal, and blissful Self of your own, who is pure, free, and forever. And that is meditation. 

So always find some time to meditate on your Self, which is Guru. That is not only within -- it is without and in between, too. It has always been -- beyond past, present, and future. And it is hidden in the present and the future, and it has always been in the past. 

I wish all of you, the participants, that strength, power, love, and devotion, as well as Oneness with the Guru. 

Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. God bless you. 

Your own Self,

Swami Shyam