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Dearest Blessed One
(Birthday Thank You)

February 1, 2010

Dearest Blessed One,

Since your Source, the original Existence, is the same Being as mine, you are always full of the awareness of the Existence in the forms.  And that has reached me through your expression, wishing me a happy  Amaram Light, so that I may not forget that and associate the Source-Self with some form in time, 86 years, and space, which the body form occupies. Thus, I am very thankful to you for getting me tuned in to the immortal Being at the moment I read your good wishes, wishing me Happy Birthday.

I accept your love, affection, devotion, and blessings, which come from the same Being who pulsates in your heart and thinks through your mind and expresses through your words specially written to me. I feel 
delighted when I read your message and know that you are aware of the same pure, free Being, eternal, just as the awareness has dawned in my heart and mind.

You already know that our bodies are visible and known as images through our mind, and they are the expression from the Self as God, the Supreme Being—unborn, unchanging, and thus immortal, forever the same. And I love to respond to your wishes with an abundance of oneness, love, affection, and blessings to the same Being whom you cherish and love, keeping him in your heart.

So I thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and very timely blessings and good wishes to all of us who are the manifestation of Me. Your generous heart and mind not only touches me, but many, many 
hundreds and thousands of people who know me are also touched and respond to you with their love through my words.

Live long and remain concentrated, knowing your Self as Me, and close the eyes and remember.


Once again,
Lots of love,
Your own Self, in reality,
The Space,

Swami Shyam

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