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The Introduction of Peace Education
in the World of Human Beings

I have been designated as the educationist for all times to bring about that peace in the hearts of people for which all human beings are working. It is an observed fact that children are being taught to develop their ability to remain happy, and to remove the sense of unhappiness, inferiority, and defeat, which gets created while learning, working, and living in any society. Thus, adults as well want to know a formula or technique to create peace in the life of each person.

That formula has appeared from the sky-like heart of my central Being, which is the central heart of all manifest creation in the form of living beings. The formula is to gain the power which rests in the sleep state of every creature on this earth, but, while asleep, one is unable to know it. The essence of the information given by the central heart is that the sense of indivisibility or Oneness is hidden, and its name is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.

 The essential meaning of the words Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum is that we do not want to become miserable or to die. Uneasiness arises from the idea: "I will become miserable, sick and diseased, and I will die." In the waking state, this sense arises on the level of the collective space of the mind. In deep sleep, this sense never becomes obvious; thus, it does not affect anyone who is asleep. But, through experimenting in the laboratory of the human community, it has become known that the sense of indivisibility can be made manifest in the waking state through seven minutes of daily practice with closed eyes and with the sense that my life with awareness is full of infinite energy whereby I can learn that I am undying and I am indivisible. Here, the word "I" pertains to the individual existence of everyone.

From childhood or at any stage of their lives, human beings can be given this education by someone who has imbibed the knowledge that nobody wants to die and nobody wants to be miserable. Such an educationist will feel responsible to impart this formula to people associated with him in any organization of society. This formula will suit all people, groups, and communities who are waiting for the evolution of peace. It is only for those conscientious ones who can understand the essence contained in this education to adopt the practice of this formula and introduce it in the world of human beings.

By repeating Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum with the knowledge of its meaning, the sense of indivisibility, the sense of deathlessness, and the essential freedom from miseries just arises. Everyone who practises this for seven minutes daily comes to see that the growth of the human mind has started taking place through the idea or thought that "I am undying and I am not meant to become miserable." The result is very obvious in the life of the practicant. Having realized the space of freedom on the level of the human mind, he or she can also take up the responsibility of evolving peace in his or her associates by informing them of these words and advising them to use this formula daily, at any time in the waking state of their lives.

Peace will come, peace will come, peace will definitely come.

Swaagat Kuteer (Welcome Cottage), Himalayas
December 31, 1998 at 9:00 a.m.