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Swamiji's New Year's Letter



January 2, 2009
My own dearest Self,
My good wishes to you for the unfoldment of the time of 2009, which promises you the best positive thinking that arises from the absolute, pure, free, forever the same Existence-Consciousness. This will keep you tuned in to your true Self as That — “I am pure, free, forever the same.”
Yet the illusory dream, waking state, and deep sleep get the Being absorbed in time and space, making you a human being, who is born, who lives, and who watches the scenes changing and ending. So be fully aware of your Self, which is the source of all times and spaces, and enjoy the best thoughts and interactions with your family, friends, and dear relations in the world, based on the positive awareness as Oneness and happiness in this year 2009.
Best wishes, with my love, delight, and sense of Oneness with you.

Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum
is your true nature — immortal, blissful, and indivisible.
Swami Shyam

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