Writings  -  Shyam Reveals Series  -  No. 1


May It Help

The Knowledge of the Source Emancipates One
from Duality, Division, and Disease

For a human being the intellect is his entire person—the whole body and the world associated with it. Each person knows that he is the body and a part of the world, and he cannot be shaken from this staunch maanyataa or knowledge. Since all bodies are parivartan sheel, which means changeable or prone to death, every person subconsciously has a sensible motivation not to die and not to change. In order to fulfil this knowledge or desire, one schemes throughout his life to become happy, peaceful, deathless, and unchangeable. However, it is not possible for him to achieve the knowledge or realization of being unchangeable and deathless. After passing through all kinds of lifestyles, he becomes worried, unhappy, miserable, sick, and diseased; and still he wants to know the path, technique, or knowledge that will free him from the constant nagging of his worries.

The realized being, who appears to be the same type of human being as everyone else, tells him that the external and internal world, which means the body and the mind, is bhaasmaan, the apparent, manifest reality, which seems true and permanent, and has its source in the Self, Parmaatma, or That, Satchitaanand, or God. Knowing that That is eternal, unborn, unmanifest, and unchangeable, how would you remain ignorant of your truth, your source, your freedom? How would you become the victim of "you"—the manifest intellect and body—thereby calling yourself a body, for this identification has created a problem not only for you, but for all.

Therefore, if you want to be free from emotional and worried thinking, which creates uneasiness in you, then devote your intellect or mind to remembering your own source, the nature and quality of which is perfect freedom. This source is hidden, as fire is hidden in the tree; but it can be known when you think, concentrate, or meditate, and just keep knowing that the source is never changing or changeable. So there is no death, because it never decreases, never changes, it is ever the same. It is called your true Self, and it underlies the visible form of your body, as fire underlies the body of every tree in the whole forest.

Since you are a developed being in terms of your human system and awareness, the work of remembering starts with your vehicle, the intellect. The knowledge of your source as deathless will dawn in you the way you have known your name, and your body that changes and dies. With the dawning of the knowledge of your own deathless source, you will begin to feel totally free from the idea and fear of death. Your source is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, which means indivisible unity.

April 2000