Writings  -  Shyam Reveals Series  -  No. 2



May It Help

Ability Is to be Developed for Receiving the Information

The world’s intelligentsia has witnessed pain, suffering, disease, torture, and suppression, and thereby quarrels, wars, and the death of human beings along with the destruction of matter. All this has not been relished by any kind of society, whether it be educated, uneducated, economic, political, scientific, wealthy, poor, religious, non-religious, ordinary or its opposite. All people living in society have their names and forms, individually or collectively, and in their hearts and heads they do not approve of quarrelsome situations and worry-creating problems. They may evolve tolerance and remain non-violent, but they cannot avoid expressing their sadness—either by weeping, shouting, or asking for help, or by becoming totally passive and silent, thinking inside that somebody will come, something will happen, and peace will ensue. But peace has not arrived.

This indicates that the talk of peace cannot be abandoned. There are on-going peace talks in the middle of the present areas of conflict—conflict that is due to differences in objects and the sense of differentiation in the heads of human beings. This generation and its progeny, who may claim to be of the nature of ultra-modernism, are left with no alternative but to continue striving to achieve peace through the unfoldment of the sense of love, friendship, fellowship, accommodation, and the sense of embracing one another and sharing their means together as much as possible, especially if one party has and another has not.

Now there must be someone who does not fall in the category of following any condition or convention of being violent or non-violent, angry or angerless, lustful or lustless, desireful or desireless, birthful or deathful. Only that someone will be able to find out a formula of knowledge or awareness that can be applied practically in the lives of those people who wish to achieve the joy of sharing their existence and the gifts that nature has given them in abundance. The formula must be as exact as that of H2O, which always produces water. When practised this formula should result in removing the sense of conflict within a human being, and whatever state remains thereafter should become the guideline for introducing awareness in the lives of those who are seeking guidance.

Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum is that formula. I or you, he, she, or it—all are pure and free. This sense should be evolved through the practice, knowledge, and attainment of the Space, by repeating the name of that Space: I am free, I am pure. To evolve this sense may take time in a person’s life, in the life of a group or country, or in the life of the international community, but the formula is available as I have just described above. 

June 2000