Writings  -  Shyam Reveals Series  -  No. 3



May It Help

Dare to Engage in the Research that Unfolds
the Knowledge of the Unlimited

For so many centuries, very highly evolved intellectuals have been trying to remove the smallness and limitations of their friends and family members, but they have used a way of communicating that is very confined. Limited to their own individual personalities and engaged in a variety of professions and pursuits, many great persons succeeded in gaining skill and improving their ability only in their particular areas of work.

In family affairs, there has been a deterioration of the collective sense, which does not allow families to remain together. The more educated and well-off people are, the more they tend to become separate from one another. So family life is disintegrating as family members remain at a distance, keeping a very limited and parochial view of their welfare; and ultimately, each person finds himself confined to his or her own limitations on the level of the power of his senses.

There are also larger families or groups, such as cities and nations, and they too have not been able to retain the sense of togetherness unless they evolve a common goal to which everybody's energy is directed, such as production of more material goods, inventions for protection, and the increase of market facilities, which creates opportunities for every businessman to earn more money. In the end the collective consciousness remains confined to individual advantage or prosperity; and even after putting in hard work and energy to achieve collective strength, people still witness disintegration—each one is only for himself and wants to get away from the other. All this has been due to the lack of effective, valid, and efficient information that can break the shackles of everybody's power of limitation.

A person remains engaged in whatever ability is available in the three states that he experiences. The first - deep sleep - is a confined and limited sphere not meant for unfolding knowledge; rather, it is meant for conserving energy and producing the sense of rest and well-being, but only for the person who, perchance, is able to sleep well. Even while sleeping, a person gets disturbed when he lands in the dream state, which scatters and consumes the mind's energy. The result is that, after an hour or so, he wakes up. Then he finds himself feeling very limited and helpless in knowing how to get back to sleep; so he lies in his bed and keeps tossing and turning. After a few minutes, if he still finds himself in the waking state, he tries to get busy in feeling good by reading, watching TV, or hoping that his telephone will ring. Then he again sleeps but when he wakes up in the morning, his total energy has not been gathered, and he must be ready to consume it further by going to the office, factory, or market, remaining busy the whole day, exhausting his limited reserves, and thereby creating a feeling or sense within himself that he is becoming more limited in every sphere of his energy field. This is the general state of affairs with all human beings. You, being one among them, have the chance to observe and check: Do you not feel limited, helpless, and weak? And do you even find yourself entertaining the thought of going to the doctor as soon as possible?

Here is a suggestion for you to take into consideration and see if it is effective in producing a greater sense of co-operation, love, affection, and the well-being for everyone. The information is as follows:

I have conducted an experiment for the past thirty years, engaging myself and several hundred others in seeking a hidden, deeper aspect lying unexplored in the waking state. Each participant who made this experiment discovered his pure Self, totally free and uninvolved, in another state—the fourth state. This is not the first state, deep sleep; nor is it the second, the dream state; and it is not the third, the waking state. The fourth state unfolds its pure realm—indivisible, unlimited, and forever the same—as soon as you close your eyes and keep them closed for about fifteen minutes. Remaining alert and aware, watch that in this space you are not affected by any destructive forces or disturbing elements, because you are in the state of the unlimited ocean of energy, which is inexhaustible and available whenever you close your eyes for at least fifteen minutes. And when you open your eyes, watch that you, as the undivided, free Self, come to dwell in the waking state, in which there are innumerable limitations. Compare yourself—being in the three states, and now venturing to create the fourth state, which has always been right there but remained unexplored. Please take the chance to watch this unlimited sea of the powers of the Self and to derive the benefit of it personally.

If one man does it, great. If hundreds of people do it, that is even better. And if everyone does it, that is the highest. You will come to know that up to this time you were led to designate yourself only as the body, keeping yourself limited to the energies of the senses, ego, intellect, and mind. But now you have plunged into a deeper realm—the fourth state, the source reservoir of the unlimited energy of humanity.

Please pursue this research, which begins from your state of apparent limitation, and dig your unlimited, real Self.

September 2000