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What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the main aim and object of a human being's existence on earth? It is to unfold freedom consciousness out of individual human consciousness. SwYellowEdited.jpg (22341 bytes)

To achieve this aim, one should practice the technique of meditation that I have prescribed. This technique unfolds the highest freedom, knowledge or consciousness: the vision of Oneness. It enables a person to know, on the ego-intellect level of his consciousness, that he is much more than this physical existence. He is the Self, the Eternal Being. In the waking state, one can become aware of  the existence of that Self.

The Self is the source of all states of existence and consciousness; it is the source of all the knowledge of all the things and forms which one can experience on this earth. As you have asked me what you should do in your life, I would like to emphasize that you should meditate. You have to find some free time to be by yourself and meditate on the nature of the Self, the real Knower, identifying it as your true Self...

Under all circumstances, remain the Master. No action, no friendship, no company, no relation that divides your vision and causes you to develop the sense of duality should be continued - not at all! Don't listen to any voice that will make you weak, sick or miserable, whether it is the voice of any single person or  the voice in your own head or the voices of your family or the slogans of society. Listen to the voice of your Guru within, sometimes think of the Guru without, and remain united with both. Then you will be doing that for which you were born: being perfectly devoted to yourself, which is the Universal Self. If you are devoting your energy to the Self, you are serving the world as a whole, and you should not feel sorry if somebody calls you selfish.

Always remember these words. The result or fruit will automatically be the state of Self Realization. You need not worry about it, for Shyam gives you a guarantee, a security, a commitment, a promise. The name of this fruit is liberation in this lifetime, and the result of this liberation is joy, happiness, love, freedom, and the highest style of life.