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The Result of Practice  

Take a little time to remember a few things, few tips about the practice of saadhana and meditation.

The result of regular practice will be total, permanent, supreme delight, a sense of freedom, a sense of fearlessness,  a sense of deathlessness. No worry will ever come near. Yet the power of discrimination as to what to do and when to do it, will always be there.

No upset on the level of your heart or mind will ever take place.

This practice will make you as 'You', the Being who is prior to this ‘I’ which is mind. Yet you will know that you are not separate from the mind or the senses or the body. You will know it. And you will know you are all one with it. And you will know "I am one with it, but it will change; I’ll not change." This part is very hard for you to understand. So read or listen to the words again and again. And when you close the eyes, watch this space. It is your own understanding. It is your own gyaan.   This does not come from anywhere else but the Self. Not only does this come from the Self, everything comes from the Self.  Air comes from the Self. Fire comes from the Self. Water comes from the Self. Earth comes from the Self. All the things and forms and religions and relations and communities come from the Self. And the knowledge of all is you.

Once you come to know, the knowledge (gyaan) is complete and this song will remain forever within your heart: " I am that. You are that. All this is that."

Amaram hum, madhuram hum is the ladder. When you repeat it, takes your soul up every single rung, up and up and up. And when you reach the extreme height, there remains no ladder. You are in the vast ocean of your own true being from where all this manifestation comes into existence. And now you see it with your own eyes. All the forms are now your own creation. The moment you have opened the eyes, this is all your vision. And within that vision, all the forms were already there.

In this way you can understand the technique. You have understood the spirituality. You have grasped the truth. And it is all you.

Sing a song.